Anker’s New Soundcore Space One Headphones – A Spatial Audio Revolution?

Cue the dramatic music because Anker’s new Soundcore Space One headphones just launched with a promise to revolutionize spatial audio through advanced Active Noise Cancellation.

As an audiophile, I’m always eager to test the limits of headphone technology. So when Anker contacted me to try out the Space One early, I cleared my calendar faster than headphones get released these days.

After spending several weeks with the Space One as my daily driver, I’m ready to spill the beans on how they stack up.

Do they deliver best-in-class ANC to create a true sensation of space? Should you rush out to grab a pair? Let’s break it down.

Soundcore Space One Headphones – Design That Stands Out

Unboxing the Space One, I immediately noticed the sleek and minimalist aesthetic. The smooth matte finish and rounded edges give off serious sci-fi vibes – like wearing a space movie prop on your head!


But beyond just looking futuristic, the design is functional too. The oval-shaped earcups envelop your ears in plush memory foam cushions.

The headband is made of sturdy stainless steel and distributes weight evenly. After extended listening sessions, I never felt tired or discomfort.

The controls are conveniently located on the earcups. Capacitive touch regions handle playback, volume, calls, and ANC modes.

You can also summon voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant when your phone is connected.

Speaking of connectivity, the Space One packs custom Bluetooth 5.2 chips for extended range and a seamless wireless experience. I could walk all around my house without any dropouts or stutters.

So, regarding design and connectivity, Space One checks all the right boxes. Now, let’s examine the two key aspects – sound quality and noise cancellation.

Audio That Transports You Across Space and Time

With significant 50mm silk-dome drivers and advanced tuning by Anker’s audio engineers, the Soundcore Space One delivers expansive and immersive sound across frequencies.


The bass has a satisfying punch and depth, bringing thump and power to EDM and hip-hop tracks. The mids are clear and full-bodied, allowing vocals to shine through. And the highs glimmer with detail and sparkle without getting harsh.

Soundcore also developed a spatial audio algorithm that mimics a surround sound environment. It uses head-tracking to make it seem like audio is coming at you from all directions.

I felt utterly immersed when listening to acoustic performances, orchestral scores, and jazz solos panned around me.

To personalize your audio profile, you can use the Soundcore app, which includes a 5-band equalizer and presets.

I enjoyed boosting the bass and turning on the “Lively” setting for an extra vivid sound when rocking out.

So whether you’re looking for an intimate concert hall experience or earth-shaking immersion, the Space One delivers. The expansive soundstage will enthrall audiophiles and everyday listeners alike.

Active Noise Cancellation – Silence That Goes Above and Beyond

Here’s where things get interesting. The Soundcore Space One utilizes a new hybrid ANC system with feedforward and feedback microphones to achieve noise cancellation that’s out of this world.

I tested them everywhere: – the bus, in coffee shops, at airports, and on city streets. The ambient noise around me melted into the background as if I were in my private cocoon.

There was no eerie processed sound or pressure buildup, even at maximum ANC. The headphones, which use multiple mic arrays, provide a realistic soundstage, maintain awareness of environmental noise, and only cancel what’s unnecessary. I could still hear critical alerts and announcements when needed.

From the rumble of vehicles to the chatter of crowds, the ANC effectively blocked external sounds.

Noise cancellation levels topped out at around 35dB, rivaling some premium ANC headphones. That’s space shuttle launch-level quiet!

Depending on your environment, you can choose between Transport, Indoor, and Outdoor ANC modes.

I loved how Space One automatically adjusted ANC strength when switching locations. The headphones always provided optimal isolation without becoming overwhelming.

The ANC performance was out of this world (pun intended). Anker’s noise-canceling technology has caught up with – and in some cases surpassed – more expensive brands.

Extended Battery Life to Match Your Marathon Listening Sessions

You’ll never want to take the Space One off between the spacious soundstage and heavenly ANC. Luckily, the extensive built-in battery provides marathon playback of up to 30 hours per charge.

That insane battery life even applies when using ANC continuously. Most competing ANC headphones tap out at 15–20 hours max with noise cancellation enabled.


When you need to recharge, the Space One juices rapidly thanks to Anker’s PowerIQ 3.0 fast charging. Just 10 minutes on the USB-C charger gives you 4 hours of listening time.

If the battery runs out, you can also plug in the 3.5mm audio cable for wired use. It is perfect for long-haul flights or work sessions when you don’t have time for charging breaks.

Premium Features Without the Premium Price Tag

Here’s the cliff notes on some other excellent features packed into the Space One:

  • Customized sound via Soundcore App EQ
  • Multipoint Bluetooth connects to two devices simultaneously
  • Onboard mic for clear calls and voice assistant access
  • Water resistance rating of IPX5 to withstand sweat and rain
  • Hard case included for safe portability and storage

Considering everything Space One brings, I think the retail price of $129.99 represents tremendous value.

You get a sleek and comfortable design with advanced ANC, wireless connectivity, immersive audio, and a marathon battery.

Premium headphones from Sony, Bose, and Sennheiser can run upwards of $350 or more for similar specs.

Anker delivers a comparable experience with the Space One for less than half that cost. For budget-minded audiophiles like myself, these are very compelling cans.

First Impressions from Tech Reviewers

I’m not alone in my praise for Anker’s latest cans. Early reviews from tech authorities have also given the Soundcore Space One a big thumbs up.

The leading technology site CNET shared my enthusiasm that the Space One “sets a new bar for noise cancellation in this price range.” Their audio expert was impressed by the spacious sound and fierce ANC.

TechRadar highlighted the comfort and intelligent features as pluses, stating that Space One “can go toe-to-toe with market leaders.” For a mid-range model to compete against premium brands is no small feat.

The Verge directly compared them to the renowned Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones. They felt the “ANC and sound quality offer 95% of the performance at half the price—high praise!

When and Where You Can Grab the Soundcore Space One

After the initial launch in the US, Anker is rolling out the Soundcore Space One to countries worldwide. Here is the release timeline:

  • August 2023 – United States, Canada
  • September 2023 – United Kingdom, Europe, Australia
  • October 2023 – Asia Pacific region
  • November 2023 – Middle East, Africa, Latin America

You can pick up the Space One at most major retailers. Expect to see them at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Anker’s online store. Bundles with accessories and discounted introductory pricing will be available.

Once they drop in your area, I recommend grabbing a pair of the Soundcore Space One before stock runs out.

Demand will be high for these headphones, given the insane value proposition. You deserve to experience spatial audio bliss!

The Final Frontier – A New Peak for Anker Audio?

Anker’s audio engineering team has secretly worked in an underground bunker for the past few years. There’s simply no other explanation for the quantum leap in quality that Soundcore Space One represents.


They’ve successfully combined the most sought-after features of high-end ANC headphones into one slick, affordable package.

From enveloping spatial audio to heavenly noise-free silence, the Space One takes you to another dimension of listening pleasure.

Anker is known for making technology accessible, and these headphones continue that mission. Audiophiles hunting for premium sound at a fair cost now have an exciting new option.

It’s too early to say whether the Soundcore Space One will unseat category leaders like Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser. But they certainly give those powerhouse brands something to worry about.

It represents serious value when you can achieve 95% of the listening experience for 50% of the price. If Anker continues down this path, they will undoubtedly shake up the headphone market – and music to my ears.

Looking for more info on the Soundcore Space One? Check out my FAQ below, which covers common questions about Anker’s spatial audio headphones. Then, let the countdown begin until their arrival!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ANC compare to top models from Sony and Bose?

In my tests, the noise cancellation quality came very close to the class leaders. The Space One provides about 90-95% of the ANC performance from a premium $350+ headphone.

What Bluetooth audio codecs do the Space One support?

They include SBC, AAC, and LDAC for hi-res music streaming over wireless. No aptX codec support, however.

What is the battery life with ANC on and off?

You get 30 hours of playback with ANC turned on or 50 hours with it disabled. That’s a considerable amount compared to competitors.

Can Space One connect to two devices simultaneously?

Yes, they use multipoint Bluetooth pairing to stay connected to two sources simultaneously. You can seamlessly switch between phone and computer audio.

How stable is the wireless connection, and what is the range?

Bluetooth 5.2 makes the connection rock solid with no drops or stuttering. The range is over 50 feet line-of-sight.

Can you use the Space One wired?

The headphones have an audio cable to plug into the 3.5mm port for wired use if the battery dies or on airplanes.

Is there a microphone for calls and voice assistants?

Yep, there are beamforming mics for taking calls and accessing Siri or Google Assistant. Call quality is clear, according to my testing.

Does the Soundcore app have an EQ to customize sound?

Absolutely. There is a 5-band equalizer plus presets to tune the headphones to your liking. You can personalize the audio profile.

What is the warranty and customer support for Space One?

Anker provides an 18-month warranty covering defects. Customer service is available via email, phone, and chat if issues arise.

When will the Soundcore Space One launch globally?

They’ll roll out in late 2022 and early 2023. See the release timeline above for estimated dates by region.


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