Motorola Sound Moto Buds 600 ANC Earbuds Review: Hybrid Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Impressive Features

The Motorola Sound Moto Buds 600 ANC earbuds aim to provide a premium wireless listening experience with advanced noise canceling capabilities and high-end audio powered by Snapdragon Sound technology.

These true wireless earbuds pack some impressive features into an affordable package, priced at $99.99.

Design and Comfort Motorola Sound Moto

The Moto Buds 600 boasts a sleek, minimalist design with an all-black color scheme. The earbuds have an in-ear design with oval silicone tips that sit comfortably and securely in the ear.

At just 5 grams per bud of Motorola Sound Moto, they are lightweight and easy to wear for extended periods. The pill-shaped charging case has a matching black finish with an LED battery indicator on the front.

The ergonomic shape and soft silicone tips provide a comfortable in-ear fit. The buds stay put during exercise and outdoor use thanks to the IPX5 water resistance rating.

Those with smaller ears may find the oval tips a bit large, but the box includes extra small and large tip options to help get a better seal.

Features and Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.2 provides a stable wireless connection between the Motorola Sound Moto Buds and your device. The earbuds support SBC and AAC audio codecs for optimized sound quality, depending on your source device. Multipoint pairing allows you to switch between two paired devices quickly.

Touch controls on each earbud make it easy to adjust the volume, skip tracks, take calls, and activate Google Assistant or Siri.

The responsive capacitive surface registers taps and holds accurately to control your music and calls. Unfortunately, there aren’t any customization options for the on-board controls.

These truly wireless earbuds tout hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) using feedforward and feedback microphones to block out ambient sound.

Dual ENC mics filter out wind noise for more apparent call quality outdoors. The ANC helps to reduce distractions and provides immersive sound across the frequency range. There are two levels of ANC to choose from in the app.

Fast charging gives you 5 hours of playtime from just 10 minutes in the case. You can expect roughly 6 hours of listening time with ANC on and 24 additional hours from the charging case. Wireless charging support lets you conveniently power up on any Qi-certified pad.

Sound Quality

Equipped with 6mm graphene drivers and tuned by Snapdragon Sound, the Motorola Sound Moto Buds 600 delivers impactful bass, natural-sounding mids, and crisp highs.

The sound profile offers pleasing depth and clarity, bringing out textures in acoustic instruments and vocal performances.

You get an immersive listening experience with comprehensive, detailed stereo separation. The soundstage gives music room to breathe. Active noise cancellation enhances this effect by blocking out external noise.

Thanks to Qualcomm aptX audio coding, your music will stream over Bluetooth in CD-like quality. The AAC codec also provides high-fidelity sound from Apple devices. These codecs allow the Motorola Sound Moto Buds to utilize their audiophile-grade hardware fully.

The ENC dual mics significantly reduce background noise for phone calls, so your voice comes through clearly on the other end. The advanced noise reduction algorithms make a notable difference in call clarity when speaking outside.

Ease of Use

Thanks to Fast Pair support, the Motorola Sound Moto Buds 600 works seamlessly with Android devices. Just open the case near your phone, and it will instantly connect. Using the Moto Buds app, you can customize controls, enable EQ presets, adjust ANC levels, and more. Firmware updates are also delivered through the app to improve performance over time.

Physical controls work reliably for music, calls, volume, and voice assistants. You don’t have to pull out your phone constantly to make adjustments. Battery life exceeds 20 hours with the charging case, providing all-day power. The IPX5 rating gives you the confidence to wear these earbuds at the gym or in light rain without durability concerns.

Motorola Sound Moto Buds 600 ANC Earbuds

Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Snapdragon Sound & ENC – Fast Pair, Quick Charge, Wireless Charging Case, IPX5, Black


  • Effective hybrid active noise cancellation
  • Immersive, high-fidelity sound with Snapdragon Sound
  • Comfortable and secure in-ear fit
  • Convenient touch controls for music, calls, and voice assistant
  • Multipoint Bluetooth pairing
  • Fast charging gives 5 hours of use in 10 minutes.
  • The wireless charging case supports Qi charging pads.
  • IPX5 water resistance rating
  • Good battery life of up to 6 hours listening (24 hours with case) -ENC dual mics enhance call clarity in noisy environments.
  • Seamless Android integration with Fast Pair


  • Lack of volume controls on the earbuds
  • Noise cancellation could be more customizable
  • The sound profile favors bass and lacks EQ adjustment options
  • Some users report intermittent Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • Oval tips may not fit smaller ears well
  • No companion app for iOS users


  • The connection keeps cutting out with my moto edge. Also they skip tracks randomly sometimes. There is no app or special features for moto phones. You can’t tell when noise cancelation is enabled. The sound quality is alright but I don’t think they are worth $100.

Bottom Line

With crisp acoustics, rich ANC, and hassle-free controls, the Motorola Sound Moto Buds 600 punch above their price point.

Call quality is excellent, with Motorola’s ENC tech filtering out ambient noise. The ergonomic design offers a secure and comfortable fit. While volume controls on the buds would be convenient, the intuitive touch controls cover all the basics.

For affordable true wireless earbuds with advanced Bluetooth features, great sound, and effective noise cancellation, the Motorola Sound Moto Buds 600 ANC Earbuds deliver compelling value.

The hybrid ANC, wireless charging case and long battery life make these earbuds a versatile choice for everyday listening. If you want a premium audio experience without the high price tag, the Motorola Sound Moto Buds 600 should be on your shortlist.


How’s the sound quality of Motorola Sound Moto?

With advanced Snapdragon Sound drivers, the Moto Buds 600 delivers excellent clarity across treble, mids, and punchy bass. The sound has depth and immersion aided by the ANC.

How effective is the active noise cancellation?

The hybrid ANC uses feedforward and feedback mics to block out ambient noise like traffic, airplane engines, and office chatter. It provides noticeable noise reduction for a more focused listening experience.

How is the call quality?

Dual ENC mics filter out background noise for clear call quality, even in windy outdoor conditions. Voices come through clearly without distraction.

How long does the battery last?

You get roughly 6 hours of listening time with ANC on. The case provides an additional three charges for 24 hours total. Just 10 minutes in the case, gives 5 hours of playtime.

What colors do they come in Motorola Sound Moto?

The Moto Buds 600 only comes in an all-black color option. The case and earbuds have a matching black finish.

Can you customize the controls?

The tap-and-hold controls can’t be reconfigured but cover all essential functions like track skipping, calls, volume, and voice assistants.

Do they stay in place during workouts?

The lightweight earbuds fit securely, and the oval tips provide a tight seal. The IPX5 water resistance also makes them suitable for intense workouts.

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