How to Charge Your Bose Sport Earbuds Without the Charging Case 2023

Have you ever found yourself out and about with your Bose Sport true wireless earbuds and realized you don’t have your charging case?

Or maybe your charging case got lost, damaged, or stopped working? Don’t worry – you can still charge your earbuds without the suit!

In this handy guide, I’ll walk you through the ins and outs of charging your Bose Sport earbuds without that charging case. We’ll cover:

  • Why you may need to set it without the case
  • The different methods you can use
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Charging time and tips
  • Where to find a replacement case
  • Frequently asked questions

So whether you forgot your case at home or need an emergency charging solution, read on to learn how to power up your Bose Sport earbuds sans case!

Why You Might Need to Charge Without the Case

First, why would you ever need to charge your Bose Sport earbuds without using the included charging case? Here are some common scenarios:

Bose Earbuds

  • You lost or damaged the charging case – Cases can quickly go missing or get broken if dropped. If that happens to your Bose case, you’ll need a backup charging method.
  • You forgot the charging case at home – It’s easy to grab just your earbuds and go, leaving the case plugged in somewhere. When your earbuds die on the go, you’ll need to juice them up creatively sans case.
  • You want to prolong the case’s battery life – Repeatedly draining and charging the battery can shorten its lifespan. Settings that directly conserve your case’s charging capacity can be found in the menu.
  • The case battery is depleted – If you haven’t charged it in a while and it’s entirely dead, you won’t be able to use it to charge your earbuds. Time to use a different charging method.
  • The case is having issues – Sometimes, the case malfunctions and stops charging correctly. In that event, you’ll need an alternate way to charge your earbuds.

So, in summary – forgotten, lost, broken, or faulty charging cases, plus wanting to preserve the case battery, are the main reasons you might need to charge your Bose Sport earbuds without the case.

Methods to Charge Without the Case

If you are sans a charging case, how can you ensure your earbuds don’t die? Here are two proven methods to charge your Bose Sport earbuds without the case:

Bose Earbuds

  • Use a compatible USB-C cable and charger
  • Use a wireless charging pad

I’ll go through these options in detail in the sections below. But first, a quick product overview for context.

About the Bose Sport Earbuds

Before we dive in, let’s review some key facts about the Bose Sport True Wireless earbuds:

  • Wireless & Bluetooth Enabled – The Bose Sport earbuds connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.1 to your smartphone, tablet, or other device.
  • Sweat & Weather Resistant – With an IPX4 rating, these earbuds are designed for exercise and can withstand sweat and moisture.
  • Touch Controls – You can tap and swipe the earbuds to control music playback, calls, and volume without using your connected device.
  • Charging Case – The included charging case provides up to 2 additional charges. Charges via USB-C cable.
  • Battery Life – 5 hours of playback per Charge for the earbuds, up to 15 hours with the charging case.

So, in summary, the Bose Sport earbuds are wireless, exercise-friendly with onboard controls. While the charging case extends battery life, you can charge the earbuds themselves without it.

Charging With a USB-C Cable and Charger

The most reliable way to charge your Bose Sport earbuds without the case is by using a USB-C cable, wall charger, or portable battery pack.

Bose Earbuds

Here’s a step-by-step guide to charging via USB-C:

Step 1: Obtain a USB-C Cable and Charger

You’ll need:

  • A USB-C cable
  • A wall charger or portable charger with a USB-C port

Make sure at least one end of the cable is USB-C to match the charging port on the earbuds.

You can use:

  • The USB-C cable included with your earbuds
  • A phone charging cable
  • A third-party charging cable

And any charger or power pack with a USB-C port will work.

Step 2: Plug the Cable into the Charger

Connect one end of the USB-C cable to the appropriate port on your wall charger or battery pack.

Make sure the charger is plugged in and powered on if necessary.

Step 3: Plug the Other End into the Earbud’s Charging Port

The charging port is located on the bottom of each earbud.

Plug the USB-C cable into the port. It doesn’t matter which earbud you charge first.

Step 4: Monitor the Status of LED Lights

As your earbud charges, the LED light on the inside will display solid red.

Once fully charged, the light will turn solid green.

If the light is flashing, there is an issue with charging. Reconnect and test your cable and charger.

And that’s it! With a USB-C cable and charger, you can charge each Bose Sport earbud one at a time without the case.

Charging With a Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging pads offer another convenient way to charge your Bose Sport earbuds without the case.

Bose Earbuds

You’ll need:

  • A Qi-certified wireless charging pad
  • A wall or battery source for the charging pad

Follow these instructions to charge with a wireless pad:

Step 1: Get a Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad

Make sure the pad is certified for the Qi wireless charging standard. This allows compatibility with the Bose earbuds.

Popular, affordable brands include Anker, RAVPower, Samsung, Mophie, Belkin, and Yootech.

Step 2: Plug in and Place the Charging Pad

Plug your wireless pad into a wall outlet or portable battery.

Place the pad face up on a flat surface.

Step 3: Put Earbuds on Pad in Contact with Surface

Lay either earbud flat on the centre of the wireless charging pad, with the inner LED light facing down.

The earbud must lie flush and touch the surface for charging to work.

Step 4: Charging Light Will Display When Working

When aligned properly, the LED light on the earbud will show solid red to indicate charging mode.

Once fully charged, the light will turn solid green.

If the earbud light is flashing or off, adjust the alignment with the pad until charging initiates.

And that covers the basics of using a wireless charger to power up your Bose Sport earbuds without the charging case!

Charging Time and Tips Without the Case

Charging your earbuds directly via USB-C or wireless charging without the case does work, but here are some essential charging times and tips to be aware of:

Bose Earbuds


  • Full Charge Takes 1-2 Hours – Expect a full charge of the earbuds to take 1-2 hours without the charging case. The case charges more quickly.
  • Check Light Indicators – Monitor the status of LED lights to gauge charging progress without the case.
  • Only Charge One Earbud at a Time – You can’t charge both earbuds simultaneously without the case. Charge one earbud, then the other.
  • Case Is Still Best for Portability & Battery Life. While doable, charging without the case reduces portability and overall battery capacity between charges. Use the case whenever possible.

So, in summary:

  • It takes longer to charge the earbuds directly
  • Pay attention to the earbud LED indicators
  • Charge each earbud separately
  • The charging case is still better for portability and battery life

But in a pinch, without the case, you can get a decent one-hour fast charge to your Bose Sport earbuds.

Finding a Replacement Bose Charging Case

If the root issue is a lost, broken, or malfunctioning charging case for your Bose Sport earbuds, you’ll probably want to replace it. Here are some options for getting a replacement case:

  • Contact Bose Support – You can call Bose support to request an official replacement charging case. This option will be the safest but likely the most expensive.
  • Check Amazon and eBay – Reputable 3rd party vendors on Amazon and eBay sell OEM genuine Bose charging cases, often at a lower cost than Bose Direct. Make sure to match the case model to your exact earbuds.
  • Search Other Retailers – Big box stores like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. may carry replacement Bose cases in-store or online to conveniently purchase.
  • Ensure Case Compatibility – Double-check that the replacement charging case matches and is fully compatible with your Bose earbud model before buying.

Replacing a lost or damaged case through Bose or third-party retailers will restore full functionality and triple your listening time between charges.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charging Without the Case

Can you charge Bose Sport earbuds without the charging case?

Yes, you can charge Bose Sport earbuds directly using a USB-C cable, charger, or a wireless charging pad instead of the included charging case.

How long does it take to charge Bose Sport earbuds without the case?

It takes 1-2 hours to fully charge the Bose Sport earbuds from empty to full without using the charging case. The case sets them up more quickly.

What happens if I lose my Bose Sport earbuds charging case?

If you lose the charging case, you can contact Bose to buy a replacement case or purchase one from Amazon, eBay, or other major retailers. Be sure to get the proper case for your earbud model.

Where can I buy a replacement charging case for Bose Sport earbuds?

You can buy official Bose replacement charging cases directly from Bose or get third-party authentic cases from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, BestBuy and other major online and retail stores.

And those cover some of the key questions around charging your Bose Sport earbuds without the charging case!


While the charging case is the fastest and most convenient way to charge your Bose Sport true wireless earbuds, you can charge them directly without the case if needed.

To recap, you have two options:

  • Use a USB-C cable and a compatible wall charger or portable battery pack. Charge each earbud one at a time.
  • Use a Qi-certified wireless charging pad. Lay each earbud separately on the powered pad.

Charging will be slower without the case – plan for 1-2 hours per full Charge. Monitor the earbud LED indicator lights to track progress.

Remember that frequent charging without the case can shorten the earbuds’ battery lifespan over time. So replace a lost or damaged case for optimal portability and performance.

But in a pinch, you know how to power up your Bose Sport earbuds even if that charging case is MIA! Keep a USB-C cable or wireless charger handy when you find yourself out and about without the case.

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